Tuesday, 5 June 2012

The Never Ending List

Despite my best efforts, which were, to be fair, quite crap on this front, I ended up at Ikea the other night to get some things for our new apartment. There's quite a few things in their store that are eco-friendly and they seem to really believe in sustainability. I came across their "Never Ending List". It's a list of all their sustainability improvements. So far they've got to number 81.

Living sustainably feels like Ikea's list. There are a hundred little improvements that you can do to live a more sustainable life, and there are always a hundred more that you could do (which I know about, don't do, then feel guilty about). So from tomorrow, I'm going to start my own list on twitter - one improvement per day. At the end of each week, I'll put my #neverendingecolist on here.

In the UK, this would be tough for me, but as I'm starting my green journey from almost scratch in Singapore, it should be a little easier.

Perhaps one of the items on my #neverendingecolist should have been to buy second hand furniture instead of buying new from Ikea. Sometimes, though, living surrounded by boxes, you just need a storage solution straight away!

P.S. I did think about whether to write about specific products on my blog, at least about ones I like. If I don't I'm kind of missing out on helping other people to live green too. So I'll write about products and companies I like. I'll also declare any conflict of interests - such as getting free stuff - if it ever happens! So far though, the only free stuff I've got from Ikea is one of their little pencils!

P.P.S. Talking of endorsing products - the Green Singapore Sale is now on!

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